Celebrate October (2018)

    Celebrate October (2018)

    October is my absolute favorite month of the year, and while I want to savor every day as much as possible, during October it become even more important.  There are a number of fun ways to celebrate and savor this month, and once again, I’ve made up a little calendar for you to print out, if you’d like (pictured above).  You’ll find the direct link for it at the end of the post. With that, I’m also going to list each day here and expand a little on some ways that you can simply and intentionally observe a few of these fun filled days!


    • Adopt A Dog Month
    • Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
    • Corn Month
    • Eat Better, Eat Together Month
    • National Caramel Month
    • National Chili Month
    • National Cookbook Month
    • National Field Trip Month
    • National Popcorn Month
    • National Reading Group Month
    • National Stamp Collecting Month
    • National Stop Bullying Month
    • National Pizza Month
    • National Sausage Month

    October 1
    National Homemade Cookies Day
    This one is pretty easy, just make up a batch of cookies from scratch!  Looking for a new recipe, here are 20 of the best autumn cookie recipes to kick off the cookie baking season!

    October 2
    National Peanuts Cartoon Day
    The first Peanuts comic strip was published on this day in 1950.  Why not celebrate by watching a favorite Peanuts movie.  If you belong to Amazon Prime, you can choose from It’s An Adventure, Charlie Brown or You’re The Greatest Charlie Brown.

    October 3
    National Pumpkin Seed Day
    It’s pumpkin season, and roasting pumpkin seeds is a fun activity to enjoy with your littles, and they taste great, too!  Here are six different variations to try.  Why not make up a few and see which is your favorite?

    October 4
    National Taco Day
    Ok, seriously y’all (that’s the Texan coming out in me!), this might be my favorite day of the entire month!  I love me some tacos, and I make some pretty good ones, too.  Growing up in Texas means I know good Tex-Mex, and when I moved to Virginia, it soon became clear I was NOT going o find it here!  But they say that necessity is the mother of invention, and while I didn’t “invent” these recipes, I was so happy to find them and to be able to replicate some of my favorite foods!  If you like Chipotle, Fuzzy’s Tacos or Torchy’s Tacos, then try one or all of these out!  They are all SOOOO delicious!  In fact, the Chipolte copycat recipe is so good, I rarely even eat there anymore! Is your mouth watering yet?

    October 5
    National Do Something Nice Day
    This one is pretty simple, just do something nice, or maybe a few things!  Not sure were to start, here are five ideas to get you started!

    October 6
    National Mad Hatter Day
    Confession, my secret longing, is to dress up like the Mad Hatter for Halloween.  The problem, I’m too old for trick or treating and none of my friends are really into Halloween, so, no parties! Of course, I could just host my own, but then, if I’m going to dress up like the Mad Hatter, I’m afraid I would want to go all out and do it right!  So then I thought, maybe just a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and invite just a few friends, something simple, right?  Wrong, just go here!  There are so many wonderful ideas I would be here all day and want, of course, to do them all! But maybe you are capable of being more practical, and can keep it simple!

    October 7
    National Frappe Day
    Head on over to your favorite coffee shop today and order up a frappe!  Of, if you’re more budget-conscious, here is a recipe to make you own salted caramel version, the perfect flavor for the season!

    October 8
    Columbus Day
    I know, I know, this guy gets all the credit when he missed it by a mark! But it’s long been celebrated, and the banks and post office still credit the guy and take the day off!  Apparently in recent years, however, some banks have chosen to remain open. Whether you are off on this day, or not, why not set aside ten or fifteen minutes today and discover something new!  Is there a particular subject that interests you but that you know nothing about.  Google it and learn something!  Can’t think of anything, just spend a few minutes at Stumble Upon, and you’re sure to discover something!

    October 9
    National Face Your Fears Day
    What’s you biggest fear?  Mine are clowns, falling (not heights, but falling from heights, or even just walking down the street), and crowded places, which is a LOT of places!  As for the latter, I have mastered the art of being alone in a crowd, mind over mayhem! Being born with RBF has its advantages, too.  No one dares to speak to me, even though underneath that stern facade, I’m really pretty nice!  Whatever your fear is, today is the day to face it!  As for me, maybe I’ll dare to venture in to Walmart!

    October 10
    National Bring Your Teddy Bear to School/Work Day
    Do you own a teddy bear?  I do!  Several of them, actually, as I ADORE little black bears!  I even took one of them with me when I hiked the AT last summer!  The idea was to take her on lots of adventures and feature her in my posts.  Then I cam to Delaware to help my husband move back home to Virginia, and I’ve been here for six weeks.  The bear is at home.  Oh well, I’ll try again once I get back home!  But if you have a teddy bear, and you’re looking for an excuse to cart it along, you can do so today, unashamed! This would also be fun day to throw a little impromptu teddy bear tea party for the littles!  Need some ideas and inspiration, here you go!

    October 11
    National Sausage Pizza Day
    I guess it would make sense that as it is National Pizza Month and National Sausage Month, that a day would be set aside in celebration of sausage pizza!  And why not?  You deserve a break, so skip the dinner formalities tonight and order up a pizza!

    October 12
    National Farmer’s Day
    Where would America be without our farmers?  They certainly deserve our gratitude, so why not seek out a local farmer’s market near you and support your local farming community!  And be sure to thank them for all of their hard work, too!

    October 13
    National Train Your Brain Day
    They say that as we get older, it’s important to keep our brains active and healthy, and the folks over at Harvard Health have come up with six simple steps to do just that!

    October 14
    National Clergy / Pastor Appreciation Day
    With all the recent negative headlines focusing on members of the clergy, it would be nice to focus on the good for a change.  Why not encourage and lift up your own pastor by putting together a gift basket, or maybe presenting him/her with a gift card to a local restaurant.  Being a pastor, especially in this day and age, is hard, so be sure to take a few moments to express your appreciation to yours.

    October 15
    National Grouch Day
    Based upon the popular Sesame Street character, Oscar the Grouch, who you can apparently follow on Twitter! National Grouch Day encourages us to simply embrace who we are, even if when we’re grouchy!  But maybe as a little twist on this, why not be intentional about seeking out a few “grouchy” sorts today and seeing if there isn’t something you can do to make their day a little better, and them a little less grouchy!

    October 16
    National Dictionary Day
    This day is actually an ode to Noah Webster, who was born on this day in 1758.  And did you know that the Merriam Webster website has a few word games that you can play?  Why not take a few minutes over lunch and play a few.  You might just learn a new word, or two.

    October 17
    National Pasta Day
    Even though I’m not a huge pasta fan, I DO love Cincinnati Chili, which is served over a bed of spaghetti!  Why not make up you your favorite pasta recipe tonight!  And share a link in the comments!

    October 18
    National Chocolate Cupcake Day
    I have a weakness of chocolate cupcakes!  They are my absolute favorite, and this link features 20 different varieties! I may regret coming across this one, because I’m going to want to try out a few (or ten) of these!  You should, too! Well, one or two, anyway!

    October 19
    I searched high and low for a special way to celebrate today, but couldn’t really come up with anything that seemed to fit!  So  for today, make up your own personal holiday or celebration.  Have you ever considered that?  What would the perfect holiday look like to you, and how would you celebrate it?  That might be something fun to consider!

    October 20
    Sweetest Day
    I didn’t really know anything about this “holiday” until now, and if you’re in the dark as well, you can read this article to enlighten you a little. In the end, I think we could all use a little sweetness in life, so I’m all for anything that focuses on that! Be sure to shower those you love with a little sweetness today!

    October 21
    National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
    I seem to have a love/hate affair with anything pumpkin flavored.  Some things I love, others I don’t.  But I do LOVE cheesecake, so maybe this one would be a hit!  I’m thinking of trying out this recipe and finding out! You can’t really go wrong with Paula Dean!

    October 22
    National Nut Day
    I love nuts, and cashews are my favorite by far! I’m thinking tonight I might try out one of these recipes, or I might keep it a little more simple and just make a batch of my Toll House cookies and stir in some walnuts or pecans!  Whatever your favorite nut is, why not find a simple recipe and make it up today! Simple celebrations are always the best!

    October 23
    National Boston Cream Pie Day
    So here’s one I’m not that crazy about, but it’s one of my daughter’s favorites!  I’ve actually never made one before, and I don’t know that I will.  But if you’re a fan, why not give this recipe a try?

    October 24
    Unity Day
    The purpose of unity day is to bring awareness to bullying, and that is something I can really get behind!  Celebrating is simple, just wear orange!  But you’re looking for more, visit the National Bullying Prevention Center for more ideas and resources!

    October 25
    International Artists Day
    Founded in 2004, this day is set aside on October 25 of each year to celebrate the contributions that artists make all around th the world!  In honor of the special day you could visit a local art gallery, or maybe even sign up for a class.  Paint shops have been popping up all over the country in recent years, and provide a fun outing to gather with friends and paint a picture.  Why not seek one out in your area and invite a few friends along!  It could make for a very fun evening!

    October 26
    National Pumpkin Day
    For me there is no better way to celebrate this day than to carve up on annual pumpkin!  Being a lover of Snoopy and all things Peanuts, I usually go with a pattern that features them.  But this year I might do something a little different, I’m not really sure yet.  I kind of like the idea of making it look like a little house, something along these lines, but mine wouldn’t be haunted! 🙂 At any rate, I’m going to be sharing my pumpkin on my FB page, so if you don’t follow me there, be sure to!  And if you carve a pumpkin this season, you can share yours there, too.

    October 27
    National Make A Difference Day
    Since 1992, Make A Difference Day has inspired hundreds of thousands of volunteers to give back to their local community.  And you can, too.  Not sure where to begin? All For Good is great place to start and will match you with a local organization in your community that could use your help!  Be sure to check them out, and get out there and make a difference, on this day and every day!

    October 28
    National Chocolate Day
    As if I need a day to celebrate chocolate!  It is my favorite!  Lately my waist line has mandated sugar-free chocolate covered peanuts, but if I had my way, I’d be celebrating today with a big slice of Texas Sheet Cake! If you’ve never tried it, you should!

    October 29
    National Cat Day
    I’ve had a number of cats throughout my life, and they each hold a special place in my heart!  If you have a special cat in your life, be sure to celebrate them today, maybe with a new toy or a special treat for dinner!

    October 30
    National Candy Corn Day
    While I don’t particularly like the taste or texture of candy corn, there is just something so festive about a sitting a bowl of it out this time of year! Curious how what it is made of, and how it is made, How Stuff Works will tell you everything you need to know! Grab a handful and enjoy a little while you’re at it!

    October 31
    All Hallows Eve
    I’ll be writing a separate post about All Hallow’s Eve in the days to come, so be sure to watch for it!

    Wow!  These posts are fun to write but a LOT of work, but the good news is, once I have them written up my plan is just update them each year and not have to re-invent the whole thing!  I do love creating pretty printable and looking for practical ways to make every day a celebration, and I hope that they inspire you.  The link below will take you to the download for this months calendar.

    Celebrate the Days In October Calendar